Versatile crew shirts that will keep you comfortable in any climate, in any activity

The classic crew neck dates all the way back to the 1930s when it was a popular choice for rowers testing themselves on the water and battling the elements at the same time, hence the name 'crew'. It became a popular sporting option for people across multiple disciplines, including football where they were used to absorb sweat and protect from chafing caused by the shoulder pads.

The round neck make them extremely comfortable and versatile and can be used for physical activity like exercise, training and sport but they are also stylish so they can be worn in social and even dress occasions.

Sportsco stocks of crew shirts and sweats for women, children and teens from leading brands including Nike, Adidas and Running Bare made from the highest quality materials and engineered to be comfortable no matter what you are doing.


Why choose a crew neck shirt?

One of the best parts of wearing crews is that are adaptable and versatile. They can be worn on their own or easily blend with other layers depending on the weather or if you are inside or outside.

Historically, the crew has always been worn as an undergarment. It was popular with the US Navy and swept through rural America as a popular undergarment for ranchers and farmhands as well before reaching the mainstream.

Because they have the rounded neckline with no collar they can easily blend in with button-down shirts, cardigans - even dress shirts. This versatility makes them the perfect undergarment for the colder months.

But crews are no longer meant to be hidden, they are also a practical and stylish garment on their own. They are nice and loose-fitting, wick moisture, give you full freedom of movement and come in a wide range of colours, patterns, prints and styles so you can express your personality.


Shop for the best crews and other sporting apparel online with Sportsco

Not only does Sportsco have the best crews from the leading brands, but we also stock all kinds of other sporting apparel to help you get the most out every workout, every training session and every sporting event. And we offer services like Zip Pay, Afterpay and LatitudePay as well as free shipping in Australia on all orders over $99.

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