Shin Guards

Shin guards to protect your legs in competitive sport

It is vital to protect your legs when you are playing sport, especially football (soccer) and hockey where your lower legs are at risk of heavy impacts from tackles, sticks and the ball.

Your shin is very different to other parts of your body in that they are not insulated by muscle and tissue with the bone pressing up near the skin. They are so important in football (soccer) that it has mandated the use of shin guards in all levels of the sport to protect players from being injured.

The types of injury you can collect in sport without shin guards 

Whether you are playing a social or indoor competition or at the highest level, there are many leg injuries you become exposed to when playing sports like football, soccer, hockey and futsal. They include:


  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Abrasions
  • Contusions and;
  • Fractures


Shin guards provide a barrier between your leg and the damaging studs on the bottom of football boots, hockey sticks and more to prevent abrasions and contusions but they also have shock absorption qualities to help prevent more serious injuries like breaks and fractures.


Get the latest innovations in shin guard protection with the Adidas Everlite


Made from pure polypropylene and injection moulded, these are going to mould to your leg shape and provide plenty of protection when you are playing sport. Soft imitation leather lining will help you feel comfortable while you are playing and these have been engineered to be durable and stand the test of time.


Keep your shin guard in place to ensure the safest playing conditions

You are going to be very mobile when you are playing sport and you want to know that your protective equipment is going to stay in place. But you also don't want to be restricted of any movement so that you can put your best performance on the pitch, so heavy strapping is out. Nike Guard Stay II Football Straps are the perfect accessory to keep your shin guards in place, protect you from injury and also keep them from making contact with your boots which can lead to falls and pain.

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